Month: April 2016

NIHVA – Telescopic Conveyor

NIHVA Telescopic Conveyor – NIHVA designed the Customized Telescopic conveyor according to you required weight and speed to improve both productivity and the work environment NIHVA telescopic belt conveyor is an effective and ergonomic alternative to labor-intensive routines. NIHVA telescopic belt conveyors can be used to load/unload any type of loose-loaded cargo – typically parcels boxes, bags, loose items, sacks, tires and so many variety of material.Telescopic Convyor



NIHVA – Mega Doors

The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is designed to operate in the toughest environments, opening and closing quickly and smoothly many times a day. Considered to be the most energy efficient door on the market, it withstands not only extreme temperatures, but also high-wind conditions, dirt, sand and grit.
Safe and cost-effective to operate, the door requires little maintenance and creates a better working environment for your employees.

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